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Back from the West

As you probably know by now, I spend a lot of time each year working at Burning Man, disappearing from the main grid and retreating to a magical city in the desert. I've only been home a few weeks, but adjusting can be difficult.

Trying to summarize the last two months of life is proving to be quite the challenge. I left home July 29th and I returned September 25th. Looking up at night makes me sad - I can no longer see what feels like all the stars in the sky. The Milky Way is absent from my direct overhead view. It never gets truly dark anymore.

My love for city life will never die, and you’d be hard pressed to find me living full time in any other environment. This last road trip really did me in, though. The West is so beautiful and it feels impossible to explore every last morsel I want to savor.

The majority of my time was spent dwelling in the Black Rock Desert with some of my closest friends, working seasonally for Burning Man. I arrived just after the fence around the city was finished. I thrive in the bleak, neverending desert seemingly void of life. (It’s most certainly not.)

Even with this insane weather events of this year, this was one of the best burns I’ve had in over a decade of Burning Man. Many of my friends felt the same. I’d do it all over again even knowing the weather situation.

Adjusting to the Real World™ is always difficult, but this year it’s proving more difficult than usual. I had such a great time wandering the West, from the bleak desert to hot spring mountain towns. It wasn’t enough time by far, so you can expect me back as soon as spring starts bringing the sun back. As for the time being, you can find me home in Chicago or bring me to you. My wanderlust still isn’t satisfied.

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