well hello there.

you've found what you've been looking for...

Botticelli, Rubens, the feminine divine. All have been adopted to describe my plush, curvy frame and fair face. Lover of beauty, seeker of pleasure, truly free natured. 

That's what you'll find with me. Freedom and pleasure. The soft surroundings of my curves and grounded personality coupled with a respite from the rest of the world... Nevermind screens and notifications - let's go off grid, shed our skin.

Wild, free, and wonderfully unrestrained, I'm a vibrant hedonist and I live for pleasure. Laughter, food, art, shopping, fucking. My primal love of earthly delights is contagious, and my relaxed nature yields easy conversation. If you find yourself needing to feel alive again, you'll be resurrected. To borrow the words of Wilde, to live is the rarest thing in the world, and you'll find I've lived a great deal. I live freely - a sweet adventure I heartily invite you to join. 

I consider myself lucky to have set foot on more than a couple continents, yet my wanderlust is insatiable. As you might notice, my tattoos grow like a garden on skin, and I'm eager for more. An artist, bibliophile, lover of luxurious bathtubs and reinvigorating naps. You'll find I'm unapologetically myself, and I hope you will be, too. 

After experiencing so much of the world, my belief that everyone deserves to live fully is crystallized. You deserve something authentic, heated, and exhilarating. Something to leave you with unspeakable memories that will linger indefinitely.

the basics

age  dirty 30, Taurus

height  a petite 60"

figure  rubenesque hourglass

stats  34G - 31 - 40 / 5'0"

hair  red waves

dress size  US 12 / UK 16

shoe size  US 6.5 / EU 36.5

education  masters 

tattoos  aspiring painted lady

piercings  nose, ears, tongue

smoking  420 only

alcohol  social, champagne 

favorites  bookstores, deep


marble bathtubs, art nouveau, late night diners, whiskey sours, Moët bubbly, fine lingerie

aversions​  strong cologne, cigars