well hello there.

you've found what you've been looking for...

Your wild, free, and wonderfully unrestrained daydream-come-true. Lover of beauty, seeker of pleasure, delectable treat for all senses. 

Like the calm after a storm, I’m a soft landing and a serene cove to drop anchor. My warmth and affection are genuine, as is my kind and generous heart. My devotion to earthly delights is contagious - I truly love indulging what your soul demands. 


An enchanting Taurus blessed by Venus, I was born to love and be loved. There is art, and then there is living art... Botticelli would weep at my voluptuous figure, befittingly anointed as “an avatar of the feminine divine.” I’m an alluring hybrid of natural bohemian beauty and vibrant hedonism. 


There’s always a sparkle of spontaneity in my emerald eyes - blend an open mind with a good bottle of champagne and the decadent possibilities are endless. Flesh and blood, not phones and screens. Let’s venture off the alert-ridden grid for a while. 


I’m Chicago born and raised, and my roots here are deep. While there’s no place like home, travel is one of my first great loves. I’ve been to countless places on this magnificent planet, nourishing my unrelenting wanderlust. I never fail to find wonder in this world - deep down I’m a hopeless romantic and endless optimist.


Highly educated and perpetually heuristic, I once thrived in academia and psychology. When I found companionship fit like a well-tailored suit, I’m a healer an intuitive creature by nature, and erotic artisan by choice. Lifelong bibliophile, classically trained musician, budding photographer, Netflix and chill enthusiast. 


Likes: galavanting around the world, digging for treasures in vintage book stores, fine lingerie made with Austrian lace, art nouveau everything, hiking and camping, midcentury modern furniture, lingering afternoons in art museums, laughing until my belly is sore, indulging my sweet tooth


I’ve always followed what brings me joy, which most often takes the form of laid back luxury and encounters that leave a lingering sweetness on my tongue. 


You deserve to taste something just as delightful and lingering. Something heated, exhilarating, and utterly unique. Welcome to my wild and sweet adventure. 

the basics

age  dirty 30s, Taurus

height  a petite 60"

figure  rubenesque hourglass

stats  36G - 32 - 48 / 5'0"

hair  red waves

dress size  US 12 / UK 16

shoe size  US 6.5 / EU 36.5

education  masters 

tattoos  aspiring painted lady

piercings  nose, ears, tongue

smoking  420 only

alcohol  social, champagne 

favorites  bookstores, deep


marble bathtubs, art nouveau, late night diners, whiskey sours, Moët bubbly, fine lingerie

aversions​  strong cologne, cigars