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Meet my heavenly touch.

Let me give you the release you've been craving.


sensual massage

45 minutes             200

60 minutes             250

75 minutes             300

90 minutes             350

p spot / kink    +50

(NYC +100 per hour)

2020 has really tested us all - let's melt away your stress. ​


Full body sensual massage is an art I absolutely adore... naked bodies, soft touch, teasing hands... What's not to love?


When is the last time you felt slow, deep touch from a partner who revels in your relaxation? The potential for full body pleasure is infinite, caressing you from your head to your toes.

A potent blend of therapeutic and sensual massage will revive and satisfy. My skilled hands knead and stroke every inch of your body, inducing absolute relaxation and pure bliss. Let your mind sink deep into a dreamlike calm and unwind in the most gratifying way. 

You've done enough. Lay your body down and let mine give to you.

(Finding that you still yearn for more? Inquire about p-spot massage and mutual massage sessions.)

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